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event: 3 November 2023
3 November 2023 Good governance and the road to IPO

Important: this event is open to CFOs, founders/CEOs and investors!

We will host two expert sessions on the 3rd of November: The experts NautaDutilh cover an important topic that is often overlooked: the do’s and don’ts for directors, board members, and investors and how to avoid legal trouble. Having lead multiple acquisitions and IPOs, ABN Amro will guide us through the process of orderly preparing your company for the maximal financial outcome via a sale or IPO.

The event takes place in Amsterdam, you'll receive the location in the invite. Participation in the event is free of charge.

  • 15:00 – walk-in
  • 15:45 - The Road to IPO by ABN Amro
  • 16:45 - Good Governance by NautaDutilh)
  • 18:00 - drinks & bites (optional)

We appreciate if you arrive before the session(s). You are welcome to stay after the sessions to meet other CFOs, founders and investors. Drinks and food are catered for (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian).


Connecting people & knowledge

Founded in 2016, brings together finance executives from the tech-enabled companies with in-person events. We typically invite experts in the field of finance or external keynote speakers. Earlier speakers include JP Balkenende (former prime minister), Pieter Hasekamp (head of the CPB), Hans van de Vlist (head of the FIOD), Jeroen Slob (former CFO of Ajax), and Joris Luyendijk (award-winning journalist).

We enable meeting likeminded people who operate in similar roles in the same industry, in an in informal setting and out of the day-to-day company routine.

There is no strict definition of ‘tech company’, yet common denominators are a tech-centered business model, some form of growth capital (VC/PE) and/or rapid growth. Typically businesses will be in internet/software/fintech, biotech, medtech or deeptech/hardware industries.

We aspire an informal, low-barrier, and inspring atmosphere where it is easy to catch up with peers. You can attend events as you please: it is not mandatory to attend all events. Participation to events is always free of charge for CFOs and Heads of Finance. is sponsored by ABN Amro, NautaDutilh, and Techleap. If you have questions, please contact co-founder Marie-Claire van Hessen at